What it Means to Not Have a “Tribe”

I see my lady friends on Facebook and Instagram posting pictures of their nights out with their "tribe" either having dinner or doing paint nights and honestly sometimes I do get a little jealous. I used to have a "tribe", a somewhat big group of female friends that I would talk to almost daily, go … Continue reading What it Means to Not Have a “Tribe”

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake~Success!

So I'm scrolling through Facebook last week and as usual I see recipe after recipe in between the posts that I would love to try but they aren't grabbing my full blown attention until the most magical recipe pops up in my feed. A recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake! You read that right, pumpkin and … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake~Success!

Mid-thirty Teen Mom

I see posts on a daily basis about women being in their mid-thirties and battling with raising little ones. They are struggling to find balance, to stay somewhat normal, and trying to not lose themselves in the process. They deal with bed times, teething, tantrums, etc on the daily. Post after post I see these … Continue reading Mid-thirty Teen Mom

Raising my Autistic Teen

It hasn't always been easy but let's face it I'm sure having Autism isn't easy either. Those with Autism have all these thoughts that they can't really translate so that others understand. Their understanding of things is so very different than ours but as a mom I understand my autistic daughter better than anyone else … Continue reading Raising my Autistic Teen

High School Here They Come!

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was holding one little premature baby in my arms while making sure my one year old ate all of her peas. Just yesterday I was still waking up at 3am to feed a little baby while my one year olds foot hits my face while she's sleeping. I'm sad … Continue reading High School Here They Come!

Sunday Night Cookie Dough Fun

  So I'm sitting here on a Sunday night dreading heading back into work tomorrow after being on vacation for a week and following tweets about the Bachelor in Paradise cancelling and I decided the only thing that could make my evening better was COOKIE DOUGH! I recently pinned a post by a blog:  Homan at … Continue reading Sunday Night Cookie Dough Fun

Savannah for a Family of Five

  After laying out all the options for our kids it seemed Savannah, Georgia was agreed upon unanimously. We did some research and decided on a 4 night stay. I had heard from countless people that you can do and see everything in Savannah within a 2 day period while now I do agree with … Continue reading Savannah for a Family of Five