A New Chapter

A page has finally turned and as of yesterday I begin a new chapter in my life. I am officially a real estate agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Southern Branch. To say I’m excited to start this new venture would be an understatement. I’ve been working towards this for a very long time so it’s very gratifying to finally be able to say that I am officially a real estate agent.


Since my early 20s I’ve wanted to work in real estate. I was going to pursue a career in appraisal but quickly realized that wasn’t for me. I wanted more. Every time I mentioned real estate in the past a person who shall remain nameless would talk me out of it. It wasn’t until I married my current husband that I got the push I needed. It wasn’t quick though. I would bring it up in passing to see what he thought and his answer was always the same, “Go for it.” But fear always stopped me.

I’ve never been a quick learner. I’ve always struggled with studying. I mean even a sentence in the material read, “Don’t just read the material, study it.” What’s the difference? I still have no idea. So learning to read through all of the material and retain it was scary for me. I didn’t want to fail. I’ve failed so much in my life that I couldn’t add another so fear kept me from moving forward.

Until one day I mentioned it again in passing while hubby was cleaning his car in the garage and finally he said, “Why don’t you go for it? I keep telling you that I think you’ll be great at it and it’s something you clearly want to do since you bring it up often so why don’t you just go for it?” I thought for about a half a second, “Why don’t I just go for it?” So I started researching online schools and found one that really worked for me, paid the costs, and started this journey last year.

It wasn’t easy. Not at all. I’m sure to a lot of people studying is second nature but not for me. I would read and reread material, take constant practice tests, I took two different practice exams, and yet I still had to take the real estate exam three times before I passed. After the first fail I thought, “Well, they say the fail rate is high on these exams. I’ll pass next time.” I went home, studied more, then went to take it again only to fail a second time. That hit me the hardest. I cried in the car before driving back home. I felt like such a failure. Why wasn’t I passing? What was I doing wrong? I had taken all my tests, passed my final exam, studied until my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Why wasn’t I getting this? I went home that afternoon, laid down on the bed, and sobbed for a good fifteen minutes before getting up and starting over.Β  I read through every summary, every note, every piece of information I had. I kind of knew the answers I got wrong so I focused on those areas.

I scheduled my third exam. I scheduled it for a morning time instead of an afternoon. I’m always more alert in the morning anyway. You know after coffee. Anyway, I got there and this time the feeling of “I got this,” was totally out the window. I don’t think I could have felt lower about the exam than I did in that moment. I sat down, began the test, and a lot of the answers were the same as before. I clicked the ones I thought were correct and hoped they were right. Once I was done with the exam I sat there for a few seconds and just prayed. If I didn’t pass this one I would have to go back and take the entire course again. I finally took a deep breath and walked out to find out my score.

I didn’t think I passed or failed. I just sat there holding my breath as the papers printed. The very sweet protor took the papers off the printer and handed them to me face down. I turned them over fully expecting to see the words FAIL on them again only to find the words PASS there instead. I shouted YES as loud as I could in a whisper as not to disturb the others and the protor even high fived me. I guess the third time was the charm. Perhaps God really wanted me to work for this after all they say the best things in life never come easy. Whatever the case may be I passed and was ecstatic. I cried again in the car only this time it was a cry of relief, gratification, and extreme exhaustion instead of failure.

To sum up since this is getting long, I shopped around for a broker. I went to five different brokers and BHGRE was by far my favorite. I’ll blog about that journey another time. I finalized my paperwork with them yesterday and now it’s full steam ahead.


There’s a lot I still have to do, money I need to pay out, and things I need to learn but I’ve never been so excited for something in my life. Well, except my kids but you know what I mean.

I absolutely love this city and the surrounding areas and can’t wait to help clients find their perfect home.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey!



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