Myrtle Beach Trip 2018

After our Chicago trip fell through we searched and searched for a good vacation spot for all five of us and finally decided on Myrtle Beach. I had been to Myrtle Beach when I was around 12 or so but nobody else had been so I thought it would be fun. All in all it was a decent vacation. I believe the girls had a much better time than we did which is all that really matters.

To begin I’ll start off with our departure. Our biggest concern was driving through Atlanta so to break up the 8 almost 9 hour drive we left after work on a Monday and drove until we were thru Atlanta. Luckily getting thru Atlanta that late didn’t seem to be an issue. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, got two rooms, and slept. The next morning we drove the final 4 hours or so to Myrtle Beach.

We got to The Atlantica Resort around 12pm. We knew our room probably wasn’t ready so we checked in and were advised on parking. Parking was a joke. You couldn’t park in the open parking lot across the street, you had to park in the small parking lot behind that. We found one spot, one, and parked immediately. We decided then and there that we would not be driving again for the entire trip out of fear of losing our spot.

36383527_10214818170441933_8643155756557795328_nThis was the view of our resort from the empty lot we couldn’t park in. We didn’t get any photos of the room. I know, bad blogger/reviewer. 😦

So we parked then ventured towards the Boardwalk. We found a restaurant almost immediately called Rip Tydz and decided to eat there. Great location! We had a view of the ocean and the pier. The food was pretty good as well. The shrimp were huge and we seemed to get a lot although my husband got grilled instead of fried and didn’t seem to get as much as everyone else. But all in all it was a good experience.


From the restaurant we still hadn’t heard from the resort to let us know if our room was ready to so we figured we would go ahead and ride the Skywheel. We all loved it! The wait wasn’t too bad and we actually went around quite a few times before stopping. It was Abrial’s first time on a ferris wheel and she absolutely loved it! I loved that the seating was all closed in and didn’t rock.


Still no word from the resort so we walked the Boardwalk. There were lots of shops and small places to eat. We walked down a good distance then stopped at a coffee shop to kill more time. After we walked the entire Boardwalk we decided to head back to the resort. It was 3:50 and check in was at 4pm so we figured surely the room was ready at this point and luckily it was. They never called to let us know it was ready like they said they would but apparently they were short staffed the entire time we were there.

We got to our room and from the second we walked in the smell just smacked us right in the face. It was horrid. I don’t know what it was but it smelled like people had been smoking in there for years and now the smell just lingered throughout the room. We immediately got everyone settled then walked to the closest grocery store and bought air freshener which didn’t help a whole lot so we kept the patio door open a good bit.

We booked a 2 bedroom deluxe condo. One bedroom had a king size bed, the other bedroom had two double beds, and there was also a sleeper sofa in the living room. Nothing to complain about in regards to the layout although both bathrooms were in each of the bedrooms so whoever slept in the living room had to go through one of the bedrooms to get to the bathroom. Not a huge deal just weird.

The resort was in a good location though. There was an empty lot on one side of us and there was a resort next door but they were constructing a new condo beside that one so there was a lot of open beach to go to without being overly crowded which was nice. We walked the beach a few times while there. I’m also happy to say that there’s a Dunkin Doughnuts about a block away from our resort which was a bonus because COFFEE.

The following day we decided to go to Broadway by the Beach which technically wasn’t by the beach it was over a mile away but nevertheless it was pretty cool. We took an Uber there and back because we sure as hell wasn’t leaving that parking spot. We ate at the Hard Rock Café and loved it. The food was good and there was a good bit to see while walking around. Once we were finished we walked down to the Aquarium. Nothing special to report. It was basically just like the aquarium in Gatlinburg but a lot more crowded. We left there and found the King Tut exhibit. That was pretty neat although we aren’t really sure if any of it was real or replicas. I can’t imagine them having the real deal out in the open like that but who knows? It was a nice short break from the heat and it was still pretty neat.



We walked down Broadway at the Beach again to get back to where we started. There’s a ton of shops and tons of restaurants there. Along with Wonder Works and some amusement park rides. It’s worth going for sure. We got back to the room and ordered pizza for dinner from Michaels. It was pretty good and it was there within a half an hour. We chilled out on the patio for the remainder of the evening while the girls enjoyed the indoor pool and the lazy river.


Sleeping that night was scarce. They have an 11pm closing time for the pool but I’m not sure how well that’s enforced since we woke up around midnight/1am to people screaming and fighting right outside our 3rd floor room. Every night people seemed to be out there past 11pm.

There were a lot of smokers at this place. They were smoking on their balconies which they weren’t supposed to and a lot of drinkers around the pool area. Luckily while the girls did the lazy river our room was right over it and since we were only on the 3rd floor we could holler down at them if need be.

The next day we walked the Boardwalk again. I would not recommend walking this thing in the evening. It’s sketchy enough during the day I can’t even imagine it at night. Anyway, we ate at 8th Ave Tiki Grill. Google said they opened at 11am but when we got there they told us they opened at noon so we walked and killed some time and went back. The waitress was really nice and the food was really good. It’s definitely at the far end of the Boardwalk so it was quite the walk to it but not horribly bad. But then again we are used to walking.


After that we shopped around then went back to our room and then hit the beach. There was plenty of open beach to choose from thankfully. We played in the water and enjoyed the afternoon. That evening we figured we would go back to Broadway by the Beach so we called an Uber and ventured back over there. We wanted to eat at Margaritaville but the line was crazy! There was probably an hour to a two hour wait at least so we decided on Johnny Rockets instead. The food there was good but then again I’ve never been disappointed with Johnny Rockets and it was right next to the water which was nice. We walked a bit more before heading back to our condo to crash.


We actually cut our trip a day short. We seemed to do everything worth doing in those 2 1/2 days and hubby and I really loved the thought of having an entire weekend to recover instead of just one day so we made our way back home.

Nine hours of driving later we were home and back with our fur babies.

Our teenage girls seemed to have a really good time. They loved the beach, the pools, the restaurants, and shops. Two of the girls got henna tattoos at one of the shops which turned out pretty cool.


Myrtle Beach was nice and there was plenty to do for a few days but I doubt we’ll return. I have much fonder memories of Myrtle Beach from when I was 12 but then again I was 12 so grain of salt. I think the trip would have been better had we stayed at a different resort but this one was the only one that seemed to have room for all five of us and surprisingly it rated well. Perhaps it was just our room that was funky, I don’t know but that was a huge reason for us leaving early aside from wanting a weekend to recoup.

I’m just happy that our girls had a great time and you know that’s all that really matters. We got away for a few days, enjoyed the ocean, and they got a good vacation. Hard to complain about that.

If you go to Myrtle Beach I would not recommend the Atlantica resort. That’s the main thing I will say. Other than that to quote my step daughter, “It was a good time.”

Thanks for reading!



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