Ramblings & An Update

Let’s start with a rambling:

Have you tried to plan a vacation for a family of five? It’s not easy. Especially when you’re traveling with *gasp* teenagers. We try to take the family on a summer vacation every year. Typically we try to do something different each year. There have been a couple years where we just went to Gulf Shores and chilled but the past few we’ve gone to Savannah, GA, Gatlinburg, Disney World, and St. Augustine FL. Now that time has creeped up on us yet again and now our options are very limited. The girls want to fly on an airplane since they’ve never gotten to do that before so that’s $2k right there in airfare so that sucks since that’s usually half our budget or around about. We thought of Washington D.C. but honestly I worry about all the lines and the girls being bored. The main three have been Chicago (big city and you can basically walk everywhere), Colorado (seems to be a lot to do and it’s definitely different for us) or Key West (expensive but a few things to do plus a beach). We looked into Mexico since hubby and I love it there so much but with all the crime there recently we decided against it. Better safe than sorry.

I like vacations where the teens can relax and be teens and not have us parents hovering over them all the time but unfortunately I think this year they may just have to deal.

So yeah trying to plan a family vacation for the five of us has proven time consuming and stressful but I’m still working on it.


I finally completed my real estate course and will be taking my real estate exam next week! I’m 80% nervous and 20% excited! I’ll be 100% excited once I pass this exam. Ha! I’ve got a few connections in place for a broker so we’ll see where the good Lord leads me.

This has definitely been a long time coming and it wouldn’t have been possible without my husband motivating me along the way. I honestly didn’t think I would even finish my courses simply because I tend to start things and not finish them especially when they prove a little difficult but nevertheless I’ve reached the end of the course! However, I will be cramming and refreshing my brain up until exam time.


My fifteen year old is finally about to get her permit. She has her permit test next week and I just feel like she’s still five! I can’t believe my baby is old enough to learn how to drive! She’s been studying and we’ll do a couple practice tests before she goes to take her permit test so hopefully she will pass with flying colors. So hubby and I are currently window shopping for her car. Fun times!

She also has an ENT appointment coming up because she says she feels like something is always stuck in her throat, mainly when eating so it’s time to figure out what’s going on there. We’ve already done an ultrasound and they saw nothing so that’s a plus. They thought it was just anxiety but she’s been on anxiety meds for a long time now and it’s still not going away so time to see a professional.


Since it’s Autism Awareness Month I’ll give a little update on my sixteen year old. She’s doing fantastic! She’s now doing her own laundry which is a huge accomplishment for us all. That means I now just do my own laundry and the fifteen year olds. Score! She let me cut her hair up to her shoulders. She’s not happy about it but we had to cut off all the split ends so her hair would be healthy and grow. She’s also all about writing. She’s been writing a ton of fan fiction stories that one day I hope to put in a book for her. We don’t know if she’s going to want to attempt to get her drivers permit so once our fifteen year old has hers we’ll pass the book along and go from there.

She’s doing so well and I’m so happy about it all. We have our off days just like any other family but all in all I couldn’t be happier.


I have recently become obsessed with Colorstreet. No I don’t sell it and no I’m not doing an ad here. I honestly just love them! I noticed a friend of mine was selling them and after watching her a few times I decided to give it a try and I’m in love! It literally takes 10-20 minutes and $13 to do my nails now when it was taking an hour or more and up to $50 to have my nails done before and the designs weren’t as cute. I’m constantly stocking my friend now and really enjoying playing around with my nails. It’s a great stress reliever.

Another Rambling:

Lately I’ll sit and think, “I really miss writing” even though to be completely honest I wasn’t the best at it but it was nice getting stories that flooded my mind down onto something. I’m not the best writer, in fact I kind of suck at it. I don’t use descriptions well at all but then again I don’t read them well either. Most people when they read can visualize the story, the characters, the atmosphere but for me it’s just reading words. I envy those who can sit and read for hours and get as much enjoyment out of it as I do when watching movies or a television show. I can tell you a decent story but I can’t ‘show’ you which is what you should do when writing a book. Anyway back to what I was saying, I miss it. I’m a creative type person with very little creative outlet. I suppose that’s where this blog and my Instagram account comes in handy so don’t be surprised if you find random blog posts with random story lines and characters. I’ve got to put them somewhere. 😉

It’s been crazy lately with these kids, the day job, and the hubby. This post gives you a small glimpse into my crazy jumbled mess of a mind. I swear I have ADD, maybe that’s where the fifteen year old got it? Ha.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far you are a saint and I love you.





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