Coffee Shop Hopping

For my birthday this year I wanted to do something a bit different. I decided I wanted to go visit a few local coffee shops and test them all, six stops in fact. I grabbed my daughter and step daughter at 8am and started on our coffee journey.

First Stop: Honest Coffee Roasters

Honest coffee is located in downtown Huntsville and I must admit I’m a tad bias because I consider it mine and my husband’s coffee spot which is why it was first on the list. I got the Cuban while both the girls got an Up & Up. Their menu is definitely different and the farthest thing from Starbucks. But it’s also natural and for some it’s an acquired taste but it’s hard to go wrong with any of their options. A Cuban is like a vanilla latte it’s made with sweetened condensed milk, milk, and espresso. An Up & Up is like a lemon lime coffee soda. I can’t think of any other way to describe it but it’s very good.

Second Stop: Angel’s Island Coffee

I had never visited Angel’s Island coffee before but my step daughter had and she loves it! I’ve heard from many people it was very good so I decided it should definitely be on our list. It’s a charming little shop nestled on the side of South Parkway. You can’t miss it since the colors really make it stand out. We parked near Complete Dental and walked over. Inside is just as charming as the outside with little tables, a lounge area with a sofa and chairs, with paintings by local artists hanging on the wall.

My step daughter and I got iced caramel macchiato’s while my daughter got a banana split ice cream drink. The drinks were amazing! Only downside is this coffee shop is located down South Parkway so it’s pretty far from me but very good!

Third Stop: Rooster’s Crow Roasters

Our next stop wasn’t located very far from Angel’s Island coffee. It’s also located off the parkway near Lily Flag Furniture. This is a cute place for sure that specializes in single origin coffee. We all got caramel lattes. They were very good however they were extremely sweet. I even got a jar of their cold brew coffee that is amazing! Cute spot, neat atmosphere, and definitely popular as there was traffic in and out while we sat there.

Fourth Stop: Metro Diner

Metro Diner has been out in Madison but as I recently discovered there’s a new location in Huntsville off Airport Road. We were craving breakfast food to help break up the coffee intake and a diner sounded like the perfect fit. Since they are a diner they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long. My step daughter ordered a veggie omelet with whole fries, and toast. This omelet was HUGE! I wish the picture I took didn’t come out fuzzy. My daughter and I ordered the chicken and waffles and split it. It’s a whole chicken, four huge triangle waffles, with strawberry butter. The meal is perfect for two people since it’s a ton of food. The waitress put some hot sauce in some syrup and that’s what we dipped our chicken in. I’ll be the first to admit I was never a fan of the idea of chicken and waffles but I am an official convert! It was delicious!! The strawberry butter was amazing as well. My only complaint they need to give two helpings of the strawberry butter because I wanted to slather that on everything.

Fifth Stop: Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy Coffee is located in Lowe Mill in the middle of Huntsville off Governer’s drive. It was the weekend of Huntsville’s Comic Con but luckily we called and they told us to go through the back into door 30 and we could go right up to the coffee shop. We were thrilled to hear this since we really wanted to go there without having to pay to participate in Comic Con. My step daughter and I ordered hot caramel lattes and my daughter got the iced caramel latte. The coffee was extremely good and they seem to know how to do a nice design on top. It’s a very open lounge area with a small stage for live entertainment. They also have a limited menu but there is a variety. A little something for anyone and everyone.

Sixth Stop: Ole Towne Coffee

Ole Towne Coffee is located in Five Points and it has been there as long as I can remember. Unfortunately they had some slight construction and painting going on so we couldn’t take many pictures. We ended up getting some mocha frappe’s and headed out.

It was our last official stop as my step daughter was reaching her limit and some crazy truck driver who wasn’t paying attention and almost hit a few cars driving in front of us had worked up everyone’s nerves.

I dropped off my step daughter then took my daughter home. I decided to go down and see my sister but not without making one more stop….

Seventh Stop: Flint River Coffee Co.

When I say I’m a little bias it’s a definite fact. I’ve been going to this coffee shop since they opened. I visit at least 3 to 4 times a week. The workers there including the man who owns the shop knows my order before I even place it. They worked with me until I figured out my perfect coffee and they always greet me and everyone else with a smile.

The shop is located off Winchester Road. It used to be a house that they’ve converted into a coffee shop so it has a very homely feel to it. I must say that the improvements they have made to the place are remarkable. They even created a drive thru not too long ago.

Their coffee is amazing. They have all the basics including frappacino’s as well as Italian cream sodas and smoothies. They’ve also included lunch items to their menu. Their devotion to the community and their little touches really put them over the top. They even have puzzle piece stoppers for their coffee cups for Autism Awareness month coming up. It’s the perfect little coffee shop and by far my favorite in Huntsville.

That being said and while Flint River holds my top spot I will say Honest Coffee comes in at a close second. Their unique menu and coffee helps them go almost neck and neck for my top spot.

My third spot would have to go to Angel’s Island Coffee. The distance hurts it a bit but the coffee was delicious! They have a big menu with the basics but many unique items and flavors I don’t see elsewhere.

Alchemy at Lowe Mill makes it to my fourth spot. It’s closer to me for starters and the fact that it’s located in Lowe Mill actually helps it as we love walking through Lowe Mill. The atmosphere alone makes this place pretty awesome and the great tasting coffee makes it a must place to stop while visiting.

Fifth spot would be Rooster’s Crow Roasters. One reason is because it’s located in a funky spot off the parkway and their coffee was extremely sweet. Almost too sweet for me. However, I will go back for more cold brew coffee as that was delicious.

Sixth spot is going to be Old Towne Coffee mainly since we didn’t get to experience it in all it’s glory. Their coffee is pretty good but I’d like to go back when it’s a little more calm.

Metro Diner isn’t included in my list here only because we went there for food and not coffee however I did get a coffee with my meal and it was really good. The food was amazing and I’ll definitely be going back!

Everyone told us we were crazy for coffee shop hopping but I think the three of us had a fantastic time. In our defense a few places we sampled the coffee and didn’t drink the entire thing and we were quite wired by the afternoon but it was so worth it!

It was the perfect way to celebrate an early birthday and I couldn’t have had two better people to share in the fun with.

Just girls in a car getting coffee….


Thanks for reading!



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