Puerto Vallarta

Mexico. Sun, sand, drinks, food, and fun. Also, arrests, crime, possible prostitution, and guns.

So hubby earned a trip to Mexico through one of his vendors. Hubby is/was the top salesmen in his region so off to Puerto Vallarta we go!

20180228_125331 - Copy

On our way onto the plane from Houston, TX to Mexico our passports were actually checked twice. Once at the counter like usual but then again in the tunnel before actually boarding the plane. Come to find out they were looking for a woman and shortly after we boarded the plane she was arrested. No leaving America today for you lady. By the way we never found out what she got arrested for so that shall remain a mystery.

We stayed at the Secrets resort in Puerto Vallarta. We didn’t know it at the time but it’s a huge resort split in half. One side is the adults only side and the other side is for family and they call that one Now Amber. It was pretty cool especially for those that want to go to an all-inclusive resort with kids. Great deal if you ask me.

220180228_14100720180301_151513You could definitely tell which side was the adult side since they filled the adult pool with suds. Haha

The first day was kind of day at leisure since that’s when everyone was getting in. They had a big group dinner to welcome everyone that evening.



The second day was breakfast, meetings, etc. Hubby and I ended up lunching at a restaurant he heard about from a friend that was 12 miles from the resort called Barcelona Tapas. The traffic to get there was absolutely insane so I highly recommend a taxi called by the hotel. I wouldn’t trust Uber at all. Just saying.

We had authentic Spanish Paella and let me tell you it was amazing! It’s made to order so it took 45 minutes but between the sangria, the appetizer, and the view the time flew by! We got the paella with everything in it. I mean there was fish, shrimp, scallops, mussels, and sausage. A….M…A…Z…I…N…G!!!

We had to venture our way back through the neighborhoods to find another taxi and let me tell you it was a little sketchy. Luckily we only had to walk a couple blocks to a high traffic street and found a taxi in no time.

Once back at the resort hubby and I decided to walk up and down the strip that was right outside the resort. We figured we’d get all the souvenir shopping out-of-the-way. One thing I noticed was there’s a ton of massage places! Every corner you turn there’s another massage place! They are all wearing white uniforms and look very professional. Well, as the husband and I were walking around we stumble across a couple older gentlemen and when I say older it’s probably more like 70s or so and a woman standing in a door way only cracked open, wearing a low-cut top and a skirt whispering to the guy that it would be one hour for massage. I assumed that was a “special” massage place. We almost wanted to go back in an hour just to see if they were still out there but thought better of it. Haha.

Not too many people hounded us along the way although we did see Mexican police standing in the middle of the road holding automatic weapons. Not something you just see every day in good ole’ Alabama.

Later once we got back to the resort I checked my facebook and my uncle had posted something on my page about a UAB doctor from Alabama visiting Puerto Vallarta a few days before we got there that was found beaten almost to death then air lifted back to the states and later passed away. After hearing that I wasn’t leaving the resort again without a guide.

The following day the vendor he earned the trip through set up whale watching for a big group of us. There were two zodiacs full of sales people searching for hump back whales. You would think with it being Mexico it would be pretty hot but it was FREEZING! It was 7:30am and it was cold then it got a hundred times colder once the boat got going! A lot of us made the mistake of wearing short sleeves and shorts! Thank God the guides had towels for us to cover our legs with.

We saw a few whales. A few got really close to the other boat. The highlight was the dolphins we ran into on our way back to shore. Which let me tell you was far away! We were a good half hour from shore in a zodiac! It was a little scary.

The school of dolphins had to be at least 40 to 50 of them! It was amazing!

We also saw a huge yacht in the marina. Come to find out it’s owned by a movie producer and cost 250 million dollars!


The next day which was our full day of leisure day hubby and I opted to go on a private tour of downtown Puerto Vallarta. It was a little pricey but they were running a promotion so it was actually a hundred dollars less than what it normally would have been. They picked us up at 9am and we headed towards the boardwalk. Downtown Puerto Vallarta is GORGEOUS!

Our guide took us to this church that was absolutely beautiful. We got to walk around inside but I won’t post those pictures here. We ended up eating at an authentic Mexican restaurant right across the street. We were the only two people eating in there so it was quite romantic. We ordered the chips and guacamole which they made right at our table. I normally hate guacamole but when we’re in Mexico we eat the heck out of it because it is so good! We also had fajitas but let me tell you the chips and guacamole was enough! We were stuffed by the time we left.


After lunch the guide took us by the house Elizabeth Taylor shared with Richard Burton. My inner fan girl was going insane! Apparently the house is now a restaurant and pretty pricey from what we hear. But its beautiful. The story is at one time Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were actually married to different people so they lived next door to each other and the white bridge in the pictures conveniently attached the two houses. Once their marriages were dissolved and they were together publicly the shared the one house.

A few more pictures from our walk.

The tour lasted right around five hours which was great because it put us back at the resort right around 1pm. We spent the rest of the time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Mexico weather. There was actually a Mexican show at the Now Amber resort so we managed to see that as well. We opted for a buffet dinner as well as we ate a lot while on vacation as I’m sure most do.

Funny side note: Next to our resort was a vacant (or it looked vacant) lot. It had a beach bar type area right by the ocean then nothing but dirt and land then what looked to be just some little shack that people were building on this land. They had tons of plastic bottles and cans laying out obviously collecting them. They had dogs, chickens, and roosters that I wanted to kill every morning when they crowed because yes I could hear it like they were right next to us. It was very interesting because honestly it looked like a homeless family making it pretty well. Surprisingly at night they had lights in their little shack. No idea how much you could see lights on. It seemed as though they were in the process of building on a better roof while there and at one point we saw another car pull up and guys dressed in white get out with all this stuff, we realized it was the guys that walk the beach selling stuff like silver, sunglasses, and what not. I had never seen anything like it so I got a picture. I had to admire this family’s strength but I do wonder what happens when the land next to that resort sells.


All in all it was a beautiful trip and over way too soon although I did miss my girls and our cats. Haha. But it was definitely a nice getaway for the hubby and I. It was a chance to just kick back with some drinks, lay around in the sun, and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions.

Puerto Vallarta was very nice. It had a little bit of everything. It was very different from Cancun which has the beautiful blue water and the exertions to the Mayan ruins and things like that but I can see why people flock to Puerto Vallarta. It’s a nice place to go to just chill and relax.

Mexico has always held a special place in my heart. It’s where hubby and I honeymoon’d and spent our 5 year anniversary. We’ve also been to Cabo on another one of these types of trips. I adore Mexico and I’ll admit I can’t wait to visit again.

Thanks for reading!




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