Kids Don’t Try This at Home

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard that Kylie Jenner FINALLY announced she was pregnant by releasing a video of her pregnancy and announcing that she had given birth to a baby girl and if not then what rock are you living under?

I will admit that I don’t follow this family much but with the media constantly throwing them in our faces it’s hard not to get sucked in a time or two or a thousand. Anyway, I did watch the video she posted to her daughter. It was beautiful, sweet, adoring, and lovely. I didn’t think twice about it until my fifteen year old daughter was like, “Awwww Kylie had her baby!” Then the mom switch clicked. This is an unmarried twenty year old girl who has influence over our teenagers. Insert mom lecture here:

Please keep in mind that Kylie is an unmarried twenty year old girl who has all the money in the world and support that she could ask for. In the real world most twenty year old girls are still trying to figure out who they are and they definitely don’t have the money Kylie is blessed with. She is a blessed young woman who grew up in a strange unrealistic world that perhaps helped her mature faster than others might have but underneath it all she is still a child who now must learn how to raise a child of her own.

And now she’s basically sending out a message to girls everywhere that this is awesome and great and while bringing a child into this world is awesome and great I think she should take the time to explain to all these young girls who adore her that she has the means and the support to do this and would not recommend it to everyone. Because let’s face it these days most teenagers would listen to Kylie before their own mother.

Kylie has millions of dollars and yes she owns her own makeup company but let’s fact it she was able to do that because of her background and family. Not many, if any, twenty year old girls would be able to start up their own company. Kylie has other people to work for her, she has millions of dollars to help for costs of the baby, she will more than likely have a nanny or two to help her so she will still be able to sleep and go out in peace, and she has a big family to help and support her. She’s one in a billion girls who would be able to have a baby at this age without a worry in the world.  Most twenty year old girls are not this lucky.

So as a mom I would like to say, we can be happy for Kylie and wish her well but let’s not have our children believing that having a baby at twenty is a good idea. It’s not that glamorous, it’s a huge responsiblity, and it’s a struggle no matter who you are.

Finish high school, go to college, get educated, get a career, become an adult then try to raise a baby once you are stable. You will be doing yourself, your future baby, and the world a favor.



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